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Is the future of Checo Perez in Red Bull Racing in jeopardy?

The Formula 1 2023 season has come to an end at the Yas Marina circuit in the Abu Dhabi GP with a dominant race by the Dutch driver Max Verstappen finishing 1st and the Mexican driver Sergio Perez finishing 4th after being penalized with five seconds due to an incident with Lando Norris on lap 47.

We can all agree that Checo has had moments of glory like the two wins at the beginning of the season and great battles like the one with Alonso in the Sao Paulo GP; Also, moments of shame like the lack of performance during qualifying that cost him being eliminated from Q2 and sometimes in Q3 with a very dominant car like the RB19 is.

We can also all agree that Checo and Max make a great duo, with no race incidents when both are fighting for a position and always trying to help the other. Since Checo signed for Red Bull in 2021 the team has been satisfied with his performance during the races and the work put off the track as well. Even though Checo has a contract that states that he will race for Red Bull until 2024 the media has been speculating that by the end of this season Checo pretty much will be replaced by another driver, one of the most popular speculations is Daniel Ricciardo coming back to Red Bull or even Lando Norris.

These last three races Checo had showed not only himself but the team and the media that he still deserves a seat at Red Bull. Finishing second in the drivers’ championship was a big accomplishment for Checo and this allows him to show to the team that his seat at Red Bull is not in any danger for next season. I am sure will see a newer and better version of Checo next season, more competitive, away from the media and all those distractions, with a car that adapts to his great driving style and fighting for wins.

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