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Are Future Hybrids Going To Give Electric Cars A Run For Their Money? – Ft. Koenigsegg Gemera.

I n the past decade there has been a rapid growth and new technological innovations in the electric vehicle industry. Mainly contributed from current EV giant “Tesla“, Tesla set the path for the future of electric vehicles, by making them effecient, reliable, eco – friendly, quick and a much better alternative to the “Gas Guzzling” ; “Fossil Fuel Exploiting” Combustibles. Tesla has also raised huge competition in the Electric Race, with new Companies like Rimac, Lucid Air, Karma Automotive, Rivian to name a few!

Traditional Automakers are also responding to this new shift of technology in the auto industry, by phasing out combustile variants, diverting funds to invest in Electric and Hybrid Models and also investing in huge amounts in upcoming electric vehicle manufactures to help share technolgy and accelerating R&D!. Which now brings us to the title of this blog (scroll up). Electric Vehicles are defenitely a better alternative, that is offcourse if the batteries were more dense, smaller, have longer lifetime, releasing 10 to 15 tonnes of CO2 gases and, were not feeding off of coal/fossil powered electric power plants (in developing countries for now, whereas in the USA, China And most of Europe run their charging stations off Renewable engery sources). I’m NOT down playing Electric Car’s they are indeed our future but we can’t rely on them until they are perfected in their weak areas and which is why hybrids and cabon neutral engnes (will go in-depth in a later blog) will remain in Production for a very long time alongside electric cars!

Here’s How The Gemera Is Going To Change The Next Generation Of Hybrids –

L ets start off with some of the incredible specs of this beautiful beast. Koenigsegg calls it a “Mega Car”, Basically a 4 seater car with Hypercar Performace and Luxury with the Practicality of a Sedan! seems something out of the ordinary right? well the crazy geniuses at Koenigsegg Automotive have gone and built exactly that!

Specifications – Power – 1100 Hpcoming from two 800 V electric motors on either sides of the rear wheel and an additonal 600 Hp coming from a tiny 3 cylinder engine, here’s more this incredible engine – The Koenigsegg Gemera´s engine is small. At the same time, it is big when it comes to power, torque and sound. Still, it is small when it comes to emissions and consumption. In short – it is a contradiction of an engine, developed and created by Koenigsegg and its sister company, Freevalve. Therefore, it has been named the “Tiny Friendly Giant” – or TFG for short. Being a two-liter three-cylinder engine, the TFG is future-proofed given its extreme performance, reduced fuel consumption and lowered emissions – not to forget its ability to run on second-generation CO2 neutral renewable fuels. Get this, it can also run on volcanic methanol and a special algae that can be home brewed as well. “Basically it can run on anything” The Gemera also uses the Koenigsegg Direct Drive (KDD) like that of the Koenigsegg Regera.

Range – the electric motors provide 50 kms of range and the 3 cylinder gives about 950kms of range giving a combined range of a 1000 kms! So 1700 Hp, 3500 Nm of torque, 0 to 60mph in 1.9s and a top speed of 250+ Mph is a pretty good package i must say!

Other Cool Specificatons – Rear Wheel Steering, Carbon Fibre monocoque, it doors can fit in 95% of all parking gargages in the world and has active sensors to detect space in the other 5%. There are “8” yes 8 cup holders per person, one hot and one cold! the engine is carbon neutral! It comes with ipads in the back seats, wifi connection accessibility and heated seats! Only 300 will made and although prices aren’t announced yet, I bet there’s aldready a long list of people who want this Mega – GT!

Verdict – This Technology is the future of the combustible! Ahybrid which is carbon neutral and runs off of pure renewable energy! Once this is sourced to traditional automakers we’ll be looking a fresh start for the ICE engines (Internal Combustible Engines) So petrolheads can chill out and accept change without losing the sound and power delivery!

Kevin Mark Franklin, Chief Editor. Turbotrance

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